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Where GLCC held 1st Service



Church began on Sunday, March 21, 2010, Reverend Bell, her husband Bennie Bell III and their two children, along with 7 committed saints conducted the 1st Worship Service in a rental facility (Lancaster Hall) located at 5148 Lancaster Avenue in West Philadelphia. Within a few months, the new ministry grew as souls joined in for the Sunday Worship and Tuesday evening Bible Study. In 2010, to ensure spiritual covering, GLCC became a part of the Worship Center Worldwide Fellowship of Churches, where Rev. Dr. Millicent Hunter is the Presiding Bishop of The Baptist Worship Center, Philadelphia, PA.

On January 9, 2011, as a result, of a 5 alarm fire at the rental facility on Lancaster Avenue, the young congregation lost everything except their undying faith in God. Despite this set back, the committed few under Reverend Bell’s leadership were determined to go forward with God’s vision for the ministry. So on January 16, 2011, without missing a Sunday, the congregation held Worship Service at a Community Center located in the West Park Apartment Complex at 300 N. Busti Street. The residents of West Park received Greater Life with love and open arms. The membership grew quickly as Reverend Bell proclaimed the gospel of Jesus Christ by ministering to the unsaved and teaching the saved how to operate in the power of God. Souls were delivered, minds renewed, lives were changed and families restored. It was clear that God’s hand was on the young ministry and what appeared to be a setback was actually a set-up for success.

Under the leading of the Holy Spirit, on January 1, 2012, Reverend Bell rented the sanctuary at the “Hour of Prayer” church, located at 617 N. 41st Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104 to conduct the church’s 1st baptismal service. It was a POWERFUL and life changing service in which 16 new Christians were baptized. Through the obedience of Reverend Bell and God’s uncommon favor, by July 1, 2012 (six months later), the GLCC congregation was granted full occupancy of 617 N. 41st Street with the option to purchase the property in two (2) years. The property was quickly renovated and transformed into their 1st church home which includes a "State Licensed" Child Care Center which opened in March 2013. In July 2014, GLCC congregation gained full ownership of 617 N. 41st Street by purchasing the church from Grace Community Church.

In February 2013, a council of churches was called under the auspices of the Philadelphia Baptist Association of the American Baptist Churches and set the congregation apart as a bona fide local assembly.

On February 1, 2015, in an effort to fulfill the Great Commission given by Jesus in Matthew 28:19-20, Reverend Bell under the guides of the Holy Spirit launched the Greater Life Christian Center "NO LIMITS" weekly television broadcast that airs on Sundays at 6:30am on WMCN which serves over 2.6M viewers in the Delaware Valley area.

“The Greater Life Christian Center” is a church built on faith in God and the commitment of believers. We truly believe that with God all things are possible.


"The Greater Life Christian Center" what does that name mean?

There are some people who think life is bad, others who think life is good, and even a select few who think life is great.

However, God is saying that through Jesus Christ, He offers us a "Greater Life" as a "Christian" where He is the "Center" of it All

And with that GLCC was born. 

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